About us

Bay Community Radio is a volunteer-run radio station. We aim to position ourselves at the heart of our community by being responsive to local issues; showcasing and championing local talent, artists, schools, charities, community groups. We seek to focus on local matters with an eye to encouraging and welcoming Torbay’s interaction with the wider world.

We are not seeking to replicate commercial radio or the BBC and the diversity of our output aims to reflect this.”

Bay Community Radio aims to serve the wide range of ages, abilities and interests of people in the community. We enable local people, community groups, and charitable, social and voluntary organisations to learn how to promote themselves through the medium of Bay Community radio.

Bay Community Radio will offer a wide and varied amount of programming with local news, weather, and a comprehensive community help desk for the local community to promote their local events however large or small the charitable group is. Bay Community also offer competitive rates on Advertising


Wow just wow. This station plays such a wide variety of music, why did i listen to anything else?
Andrew Lucas, ON, Canada
BCR has such an amazingly diverse range of music, i can listen to it all day long.
I.S. Netherlands

Our Team

Phil Burston

Founder / Manager
Hello pop pickers I’m Phil B the Motown Man. I have worked in local radio, commercial and community for 33 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I was the founder of Torbay Sound which broadcasted 24/7 for three years, please don’t get confused with Torbay Sound C.I.C which is a totally different company.

My music likes go with my mood but I like Rock 60’s/70’s pop and of cause Motown.
I enjoy cooking, eating out,music, and fast cars, although I’m getting a little to old for the fast cars. I also present On The Rebound a 60’s/70’s/80’s show. Listen to me on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.

Nick James

Founder / Assistant Manager
Music has always been a big part of my life, I followed in my dad’s footsteps by being a mobile DJ playing many local venues around Torbay and continued to do so for 23years, In that time I also worked on Torbay Hospital Radio which I enjoyed very much, I then left THR to try broadcasting on local radio in doing 28 day RSL’S for Palm Radio, and in 2005 Palm won the licence to broadcast on FM for Torbay in which the I gained my on show Mon-FRI and also the sports show on a Saturday, I stayed with Palm for nearly 2 years but then started to find that the station was getting to commercial based and not Community as it was hoped.

I then took a break from radio work until 2018 where I was asked by Mr Phil Burston if id like to join him on Seagull community radio which I did and enjoyed doing the Thursday evening slot between 8-10pm, Then due to reasons beyond our control Seagull ceased broadcasting, And Myself and Phil then teamed up once again to launch Bay Community Radio where the aim is to keep it as a Community station.

Dan (DynamiteDJ)

Head Tech
Hi Guys n Gals, I'm Dan aka DynamiteDJ, I am the DJ, Webmaster and Techie for BCR. I also do a lot of work behind the scenes on the servers and software, I play a wide variety of music and aim to play all requests within a reasonable time, I Love to hear from the listeners and welcome all of the requests no matter how obscure or unheard of.

Carol Grubbe

Entertainment Guide & DJ
Devonshire lass through and through born in Newton Abbot, brought up in Teignmouth where my mum and dad ran a guest house. I have a son and daughter and five grandchildren. I’m Carol Grubbe wife of Mark, we are well known in Torbay, Teignbridge and South Hams and have many of listeners to our broadcasts on hospital and Internet station all over the world. I’m a retired Community Government care worker and simply love volunteering. The Boys Brigade holds a special part of my life, Newton Abbot where I was Captain and played the bell liar in the Company band. The band represented The Boys Brigade in most of the Devon Carnivals over a number of years. Currently I’m with the Brixham Boys Brigade. Mark and I write and have a huge catalogue of quizzes some easy, some hard but all good fun known as the Demon Quiz. Come and join us both on Bay Community Radio Friday 5.00 to 7.00pm on your local community radio station Bay Community Radio and check out my what’s on events, live on air and Facebook

Maureen Cooper aka Nana Cooper

Maureen Cooper known has Nana Cooper is one of our oldest presenters,she writes all her own stories.She even plays the old music to bring back memories, that you can tell your children. Nana has been writing and presenting children’s stories for many years now and has been on many radio stations including fm in Germany. Nana has many of follows so why not join the gang and listen to Nana on a Thursday afternoon at 2.00pm

Mark Grubbe

Assistant Personal Manager & DJ
Let me introduce myself, my name is Mark Grubbe I was born in Manchester in 1959, brought up in Middlesex and Herfordshire. Married twice I also have a son who runs his own business. I have lived in Torbay for the last twenty three years and have met many wonderful people on Radio, at sea and in the pub industry, however life is what you make it. I lost my sight 19 years ago and thanks to Guide Dogs RNIB and a lot of very special friends past and present, I now lead a very for filling life. Not forgetting my wife Carol, who is my soul,heart and best friend. Come and join us both on Bay Community Radio Friday 5.00 to 7.00pm “Friday Live with Carol & Mark” sounds of the decades,News, Quiz, Weather, Birthday with the Stars What’s On check out our Facebook page and much more on your local station Bay Community Radio

Helen Cruse

Hello everyone, my name is Helen.

I have worked in local radio before and used to be a DJ with my brother in London many years ago. Music and dance is in my blood and i just love it. It pleases me to bring that joy of music to others via the internet/radio here on Bay Community Radio. I love all genres of music and that is what you get if you listen to my show 'Twilight Harmonies' on this station. So please feel free to join me every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm with 2 hours of great music. Looking forward to your company.

Robin Nixon

Robin Nixon has written several books on technology, self help and science fiction, and is a singer / songwriter who frequently performs acoustic material. Robin has also been a broadcaster since the 1990s, when he set up Cyberville Radio, one of the first Internet radio stations in the UK, as well as Chat Room Radio, a popular feature of many Internet chat rooms in the USA. He has a number of shows on community radio stations and is a frequent contributor to BBC local radio and Bay Community Radio.

Kurt Napper

Hi guys! My name is Kurt Napper, and I'm a radio presenter on bay community radio, I love listening to music of all types, except for rap. I'm into rolling stones, Queen, John Denver, Take That, Austin mahone. I also enjoy karaoke, going to the cinema, gym, and I'm also a very caring person, and I do like to travel (Greek Islands especially crete) and I'm always up for a laugh!